Do you know what is in the candle you are burning?

March 24, 2016

The best soy candlesWhen we launched LeafBird Fine Fragrances, we spent many months to research and test a variety of ingredients to ensure that they yielded not only the finest soy candle burning experience but also one that was centered around health and wellness.

We learned early on that the candle industry has historically used fragrance oils containing chemical compounds commonly referred to as “phthalates.”   We asked ourselves just what phthalates are, why they are used and do they compliment our philosophy.   The short answer was they were not what we wanted in our homes, and so we decided early on not to use fragrance ingredients containing phthalates.

Used in everything from household cleaners to food packaging to perfume, cosmetics, and personal-care products, phthalates in candles allow manufacturers to enable their candles to hold a strong scent for very extended periods, as well as blend their fragrance ingredients into the wax easier.  This may make their job of creating candles easier, but many research studies have concluded the use of phthalates is harmful to users of any product containing phthalates. 

Best soy candlesIn fact, in 2008, the US Congress banned some phthalates from use in children’s products and required the Consumer Product Safety Commission to research the chemicals further. Also, many academic studies and policy reports have expressed concern over the health impacts of phthalates.

While a firm consensus on the potential risks and effects from the use of phthalates has yet to be addressed adequately, we at LeafBird Fine Fragrances made the choice not to use any fragrance ingredients containing phthalates in our products. We care about our environment, team members, and our customers. It is our mission to deliver the finest soy candles and home fragrance products.   

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