Why is Soy Wax the Best Choice for Candles?

March 20, 2016

Best Soy CandlesWe are often asked by customers why we chose only to use 100% natural soy wax in our candles. For us, it was an easy choice.  We are happy to share our belief on why we use soy wax and only 100% soy wax, not a blend or hybrid. 

Our soy wax is made by extracting the vegetable oil from soybean flakes and being hydrogenated. The soybeans are first harvested, cleaned, cracked and dehulled before being rolled into flakes. Shown above is a photo of a LeafBird candle with fresh soybean pods and their beans, along with the wax flakes we source. 

Based on our research, using 100% soy wax achieves a cleaner burn.  That means you will not experience the soot build up on your glass or walls in your home as you will from petroleum-based paraffin wax candles.  Also, we believe in health and wellness and appreciated that our soy wax contains no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants.  

Sustainability is something many people are beginning to take seriously.  We liked the fact that by only sourcing 100% soy wax, we are creating a sustainable product. Conversely, paraffin wax and partial soy/paraffin wax blended candles rely on petroleum, which is not a sustainable practice.

Another choice we made when finding the best soy candle wax was to source a soy wax that is certified kosher and contains no herbicides or pesticides from the soybean production. We believe our customers will appreciate that the air in their homes and offices will not be impacted by burning LeafBird candles. 

Another benefit of using 100% soy wax is a longer burn time for your candle. Based on our research and testing, we found that you can generally experience 30-50% more time with your LeafBird candle.  That is not only better for the environment but equally as satisfying for your budget.   

Lastly, the soy wax we source is made from soybeans grown right here in the USA.   With our candles handcrafted in Tampa, Florida, we believe our soy candles not only provide the finest experience for our customers but also support American Farmers. 

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